StrengthsFinder Workshops

Once all participants have successfully completed the CliftonStrengths online talent assessment, LeAnn gathers the data to create an enlightening and fun teambuilding workshop experience.

In the StrengthsFinder workshops, LeAnn engages teams by facilitating a positive conversation that is centered around each team member's contribution. Through this process, an understanding and appreciation of everyone's differences are created.

Through her customized StrengthsFinder facilitation approach, LeAnn has assisted in creating Strengths-based organizations with stronger teammate engagement and increased productivity.

The Power of Attitude
Participants are taken through a series of insight questions in order to assess their typical attitude style in order to gain more self-awareness.  
How can we make our experiences, our stressors, and our situation enhance our personal and professional happiness rather than dragging us down personally and professionally? How can we gain awareness about the impact we are making on those around us? Why are we more successful when our attitude is positive?


Myers Briggs Type Indicator

MBTI is the most widely used personality assessment in the world with more than two million people per year using it.


As an MBTI Practitioner, LeAnn's goal is to help team members arrive at a “best fit” type decision, gain greater self-awareness, and develop more effective communication with type preferences.


Happiness in the Workplace

One of LeAnn's most popular workshops, Happiness in the Workplace explores the impact of teammate engagement, methods for creating a happier work environment, and everyone's role in ensuring a positive climate.

This has been designed to be interactive and get real time feedback from participants. As a result, attendees leave understanding the positive difference they can make, and feeling empowered to do so.

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